Introducing… Race BasicTV

Race Communications is happy to announce the release of a NEW product – A basic TV package that will be available in all of our markets. Many of our customers have asked for an alternative when it comes to our television offering, and our company has been working to come up with a solution.  Without further ado, let us present our newest product offering: The Race Basic TV package.

What is it?
The Race Basic TV package is a simple television offering that has local and off-air channels. The line up will vary by market based on which local channels are available. The package consists of 20+ channels including ABC, Fox, CW and more.

How much will it cost?
The package will be $28/month plus $7 for the required standard set-top box. This brings the price to $35/month. You’re welcomed to upgrade to a DVR if you need to be able to record your favorite shows.

Who is this package for?
This package is a great addition to customers who stream the majority of their entertainment but miss local news and weather programs. It also perfect for those who don’t watch a lot of television and just need a few channels!

Be sure to check out our sample line up here

What you should know about Cord Cutting

With rising cost, spotty service and mandatory contracts, the cable industry is taking a hit.

To date, the average Americans spent an average of $103 a month — $1,236 a year — on cable television in 2016.

More and more consumers are “cutting the cord.”

Not literally, but customers are getting rid of their cable boxes and using streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and to watch their favorite shows.

In fact, in 2014, nearly 1.4 million nationwide households made the call to go cable-free or shut off their paid TV-subscription.

Not to mention, The FCC reported in that same year that the average monthly price of expanded basic service increased by 5.1% to $64.41 in 2012, compared to a 1.6% annual increase in the Consumer Price Index.

So if you’re thinking about cutting the cord, you’re not alone. But where should you start?

It’s overwhelming. In the post-cable arena, there are so many options to explore to find the perfect streaming combination.

Should you go with an AppleTV? Amazon Firestick? Upgrade to a SmartTV?

How do you know which option is right for you?

To know your best options, it’s important that you familiarize yourself in the term cord cutting. By definition, cord cutting is the practice of terminating your current cable or satellite television. The purpose of cord cutting is to save money but to still enjoy your favorite shows at a much cheaper price.

For starters, canceling your subscription would be the first step, but before you do make sure you follow these tips:

  • Do your research: Not every streaming system or streaming device is created equal. Knowing what options are available in your area and what are the product specs are all worth knowing up front.
  • Pricing: With so many different options available on the market, keep in mind pricing. For example, the Roku Express can range from $30-$80 and AppleTV starts from $149.
  • Know your cord-cutting services: Again, streaming devices and streaming services are two different things. Streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon prime Video are apps that offer individual services for television programming. Think of it as an a la carte feature. It’s the equivalent of paying for just what you want to watch.

Of course, for those of you a little unsure about cord cutting, you can always consider Race’s services. Our triple play offers you fiber optic Internet, Phone, and RaceTV. Our gigafy line allows you to sit back and upload, download and stream at never before seen speed.

Our service allows symmetrical speeds, up to 1 Gigabyte, meaning it downloads and uploads content at the same speed and consistency in both directions.

Call Race at 1-877-722-3833 or visit us at for more information.






RaceTV is now available!

RaceTV has been a highly anticipated product and we are happy to announce that we are now accepting orders from customers in Stallion Springs and Boron as well as other existing markets. At this time we are offering one TV package with a second package coming this fall.

The price for our new RaceTV package is $95* a month as a stand alone product and includes up to 300 HD-channels. For the full channel line-up please see the link below or visit our services page on the RACE website. RACE also offers a bundle for $180* that includes all of our top of the line packages (Gigafy Me, Unlimited Phone and Expanded RaceTV) as well as the necessary equipment.

With features such as “Catch Up” and “Restart”, you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows. “Catch UP” allows you to go back and watch programming you missed while “Restart” lets you start a live episode from the beginning.
Have more than one TV? RACE will provide one complimentary DVR box and homeowners will be able to rent additional set top boxes ($7/each) for up to 4 additional TVs. You don’t need a DVR box for each TV to record tonight’s episode of “American Idol”. With one DVR box, you can record up to 5 shows at once.

RaceTV requires a 1-year contract to waive the $150 installation fee. If you are interested in signing up for RaceTV, give us a call today to get started. 877-722-3833

Our full channel line-up can be found here