Phelan Egg Hunt was Egg-cellent!

The Gigathon Egg Hunt was a HUGE success! Residents were provided with 13 riddles each describing the location of a golden egg within Phelan. For our Phelan roll-out we have have broken up the area into 13 zones. Each zone had a hidden egg with a prize inside. The prizes ranged from one free month of internet to the grand prize of one free year of internet. The residents had a blast during the Egg-stravaganza, here are fun photos submitted by some of the winners!

Rockin’ and Rollin’-Out in Phelan!

Good News Phelan!

We have released the first zone from our Gigafy Phelan Project! The western half of Burgundy Zone (or “Burgundy Zone Panel 1”) is the first area to be released for pre-orders! The borders for Panel 1 are roughly: 263rd St. to the West, Calveras Rd to the South, Wintergreen Rd. to the East and Luna Rd. to the North. Borders for Panel 2 are roughly: Wintergreen to the West, Luna to the North, Beekley to the East, and Smoke Tree Rd. to the South. Below you will see a screenshot of Burgundy Zone with the two Panels outlined.


Panel 1 is set to start in-home installations and service activation in May. Panel 2 will be released for pre-orders around the same time. Our installation is a two-part process. The first part of the process is bringing the fiber from the street to the outside of the home and this takes roughly 6-8 weeks from the pre-order date. Once completed, an authorized Race technician is then scheduled to complete the installation to the inside of the home and activate the equipment.

Unlike those other guys, here at Race Communications we don’t make you sign any contracts. You also won’t have any installation or activation fees! We won’t charge you until our services are completely active in your home. Your first bill won’t even arrive until the first of the month following your in-home installation. So for example, if you are installed on May 1, you will not receive a bill until June 1, but it will be for all of May AND June. If you are installed April 26 then you receive your bill on May 1 with the prorated amount for April and then the bill for all of May.

A few people have wondered about the small Frontier flags decorating the roads in town. These flags are used to label Frontier’s underground lines so we know where to avoid when trenching for our own Fiber Optic lines.

When it comes to how our zones are released; we do not release them in any specific order. Zones will be released concurrently, dependent on construction progress and permit approvals, etc. We are working the entire coverage area as permits allow.

Looking at the map below you will see where all 13 zones are located and what they are called.


Here is some other important information:

If you are in Panel 1 of Burgundy Zone you can place an order online OR over the phone right now! To place your order online go to and enter your address, click “Check Availability” and complete your order. If you prefer to speak to one of our sales representatives, please dial 877.722.3833 extension 602 and they would be happy to help. Pricing starts at $25 a month and we offer high-speed fiber optic internet, landline telephone services, and television.

At this moment, Panel 2 and all other Zones are not released for pre-orders. If you are in these areas, you can submit an inquiry form on our website at to get on our electronic mailing list. (Remember to enter the address where you will receive our service and not your PO Box, otherwise our system will not tag you correctly and you could potentially miss out on pre-ordering!) Submitting an inquiry form will put you in the first group of people in your zone to order!

Race is on the way to Rancho Santa Fe!

Rancho Santa Fe Press Release

Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Thursday, April 5, 2018

For Immediate Release
For Further Information Contact:
Ally Hetland, Marketing & Sales Manager
Phone: 877-722-3833 ext 602

Rancho Santa Fe is set to “Get Gigafied”.

After months of careful planning and collaboration, the Rancho Santa Fe Association has selected Race Communications as the new preferred internet provider. The San Francisco based company is a pure fiber-to-the-home provider with active projects across California.

“We are very excited to be selected as the preferred provider for the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe and their residents. It is a shame that a state as technologically advanced as California is still so behind when it comes to broadband connectivity. At Race, we have made it our goal to bring communities like Rancho Santa Fe into the future.” says CEO, Raul Alcaraz.

Race Communications is actively working to improve connectivity in high-tech communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. With nearly 20 years of fiber network experience, Race has used their expertise to work closely with the Rancho Santa Fe Association to find the best possible solutions for this project.

Alcaraz says, “Once construction is completed, Race will ensure everyone gets Gigafied!”

About Race Communications: Race focuses on the communities that larger carriers have long ignored. Race understands that broadband internet access consists of two vastly different worlds between rural and urban areas and is working to bridge that gap. To date, Race, through private funding and grants from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF), has worked to advance broadband adoption and infrastructure deployment in unserved and underserved areas consisting of over 16,000 households. Fiber-optic has become the gold standard for fast, high-quality internet connectivity. Homes and businesses will be seamlessly connected to a wealth of entertainment and cloud services. The fiber network also helps bring significant improvements to local businesses, education, community services, and public safety.

For more information on Race Communications and their projects throughout California, please visit

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.15.18 PM.png

Race Communications Joins Bear Valley for Easter Festivities!

Race Communications was a participant in the Bear Valley Springs Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday March 31st.  We participated by donating three GIANT chocolate bunnies, one for each egg hunt age group. A certificate good for one chocolate bunny was placed in an egg for the lucky kids to find. We also included the adults in the festivities by donating an Easter basket full of goodies with a voucher for one free month of Internet service for the lucky winner of a Bingo game!

Attending the event was our Sales Lead from the Tehachapi office, Matt Nowell. He was there to answer any questions the community may have had and to also have fun with his own family! Here at Race we like to maintain close ties with our communities and love to get involved whenever we can! Check out the little winners of some BIG bunnies!

MikroTik Security Vulnerability

Dear RACE Valued Customer,

Please be advised,

There is a MikroTik security issue:
MikroTik RouterBoard V-6.38.5 Denial Of Service | CPU Consumption

A vulnerability in the network stack of MikroTik Version 6.38.5 released 2017-03-09 could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to exhaust all available CPU via a flood of TCP RST packets, preventing the affected router from accepting new TCP connections. 

***If you do not know what a MikroTik is, chances are you don’t have one, so please do not be alarmed***

Check you Mikrotik  OS Version and update it to be newer than V-6.38.5.
We recommend you to keep it up to date.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at or click here and select support.

Thank you for your business and continued support,

RACE Communications Support Team