5 Kid-friendly Streaming Platforms You’ll Want for Holiday Break

Will the long, cold, and sometimes boring days over holiday break have your kids reaching for their screens? A bit of screen time here and there doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And with family-friendly streaming platforms, you can rest assured that your kids are watching videos safe for little eyes—even without your constant oversight.

Plan ahead for those much-needed moments of peace, quiet, and screen time now by downloading these family-friendly streaming platforms today.

  1. PBS KIDS Video

With the award-winning, educational PBS KIDS Video app, you don’t have to feel guilty about letting your kids indulge in some screen-time this holiday break.

Little ones love how easy it is to watch live TV in the app or play their favorite shows on-demand, including Curious George, Daniel Tiger, and Sesame Street. And parents love how the “Weekly Pick” feature suggests a fresh set of videos geared toward keeping young brains mentally engaged even while out of school. Best of all, this app is totally free!

  1. DisneyNOW

With all the talk lately about the new Disney Plus streaming platform, don’t overlook the kid-friendly DisneyNOW! This app provides access to the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Radio Disney, and Disney Junior in a few taps.

Simple thumbnails of favorite characters make it easy for kids to quickly find the shows and games that feature that character… which makes it easy for you to savor a few more moments with a steaming cup of coffee. You’ll need a TV-provider login for total access, but some content is available for free.

  1. YouTube Kids

You probably haven’t thought of YouTube as a very safe option for unmonitored screen time. And you were mostly right… until now.

YouTube Kids has been designed with kids in mind (think big images and eye-catching bright colors). More importantly, robust parental control settings make it much more kid-friendly than the original site. It even comes complete with a timer option, so parents can limit screen time in just a few taps.

  1. Amazon FreeTime

Can’t decide if you want your kids to have access to Disney, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, music, games, Audible books or something else more on the educational side? With Amazon FreeTime, you don’t have to decide. This platform offers all of the above and more.

Parental controls make it easy to set a certain age range, allow only parent-approved purchases, and lock games and videos until educational goals are reached. Your kids will love the easy access to popular Amazon originals, such as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Tumble Leaf. And you’ll love that you can add this to your Prime membership for just $2.99 a month!

  1. Nickelodeon

With Nickelodeon, you can choose between not one, not two, but three different apps. Nick, Nick Jr., and Noggin each have their own platform.

Kids’ favorites like Peppa Pig, Blues Clues, and Dora the Explorer can be accessed for free (with a TV log-in) on the Nick and Nick Jr. apps. For just $7.99 a month, Noggin offers a plethora of interactive games, popular shows, and videos that promote learning with a wide variety of topics such as shapes, numbers, letters, art, music, manners, and more.

It’s no secret that screen time can help you keep the peace on long winter days—but that peace will be gone faster than you can say “Bah-humbug” if a game or video stops to buffer! (Why is it always during the most inconvenient moment possible?!)

Save yourself that headache and call Race today to ensure that you have internet service that will work when you need it most!

How Disney’s Hulu Takeover Affects You

There have been so many media mergers and deals lately that it can be hard to keep them all straight, much less figure out how they actually affect you. One of the more recent announcements revealed that Disney is taking total control of Hulu, a popular streaming service loved by cord cutters and binge watchers.

But does a deal struck in some high-rise office far away actually affect you or your family? Read on to find out.

Streaming Your Favorite Shows

The Disney deal is done, but don’t expect any noticeable changes to your streaming experience right away. That’s because Comcast has agreed to keep popular NBCUniversal shows, like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Office,” on the Hulu platform—at least for now.

But change is coming. The deal does give Comcast some flexibility to decide if and how to make its shows available on Hulu, and Comcast’s NBCUniversal is launching its own streaming service in 2020.

As Comcast and other big players, like AT&T’s Warner Media and Apple, enter the streaming space and start competing for subscribers, you may find your favorite shows spread across multiple services. In that case, you could be forced to decide between buying multiple subscriptions or losing access to your favorite shows.

Bundle Deals on the Horizon

The change doesn’t have to be all bad, however. Later this year, Disney will launch Disney+, a kid-focused streaming service. When they do, you may see some bundle deals available when you combine Disney+ with Hulu or ESPN+, the Disney-owned streaming service for sports fans.

Viewers like you just may benefit as companies get creative to strengthen their relationships with consumers. Disney CEO Robert Iger even hinted at the possibility of future off-screen “bundles,” where streaming service subscribers enjoy special discounts or experiences at Disney amusement parks.

Are You Prepared for the Future of Streaming?

The exact effects of Disney’s Hulu takeover remain to be seen, but one thing is sure: Big media companies are devoting more attention to streaming services and investing billions of dollars into those platforms.

This is the future of entertainment for you and your family—and if you’ve ever faced the frustration of a video that won’t buffer, you know you’ll need high-speed internet to make it work! Contact Race today to make sure you have the fast, reliable internet you need to enjoy your favorite shows now and in the future.