Race Communications opens in Tehachapi!

We have officially moved in! Race has expanded our team with a new office in Tehachapi that opened on February 26th. We are so appreciative to all our customers in the greater Tehachapi area that made it possible for us to expand our office. We are so excited to grow further ties to the community and offer new local job opportunities.

The office will act as a Private Sales Headquarters and equipment Warehouse, not accessible to the public. With all the community outreach, privately funded projects, over 10 CASF projects in the works, and winning Big Business of the Year for Tehachapi, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for us at Race Communications.

To commemorate the opening of our Tehachapi office, we held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday March 22nd. CEO- Raul Alcaraz attended to cut the ribbon along with Sales and Marketing VP – Jim Miller, Sales and Marketing Manager – Ally Harris, the Sales and Marketing team, and a few Race Technicians.

We would also like to thank all the attendees, such as, Chamber President Ida Perkins, Chamber Directors Stephanie Garcia and Carl Gehricke; Chamber Ambassadors Pat Doody, Carol Duetsch, Sandra Honea, Patrick Donahue and Josh Crisalli. A special thank you, to caterers Red House BBQ for serving up some delicious food.


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