Tips and Tricks – How To Improve Your Wireless Speed


Last year, we released the blog “What can affect wireless speeds?” to help our customers get the most out of their internet connection.

Here are a few reminders and more tips and tricks to Gigafy Your Internet!

  • Gigafy your equipment

Older computers may not be capable of handling the fastest internet speeds.  Check to ensure your computer’s WiFi adapter can handle a 802.11ac signal from your router which allows up to 1GBPS!

  • Choose the right channel

Most routers utilize two frequencies to provide a wireless signal: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.     We suggest connecting to the 5 GHz frequency on your WiFi since many household appliances like microwaves and cordless phones utilize the 2.4 GHz frequency and can interfere with your signal.  

  • Location, Location, Location

Is your router located next to furniture or one side of your home?  Materials like concrete and wood can be difficult for a wireless signal to penetrate.  Even placing your router next to windows can reduce your signal strength.  We recommend placing your router in an unobstructed area of your home or a room where you use WiFi the most.  

  • Monitor the number of connected devices

Bottom line….when you have several devices connected to your home WiFi this can reduce the internet speed per device.  Online streaming, like watching Netflix, requires adequate internet speed to avoid the dreaded buffering circle.  We recommend disconnecting devices that aren’t actively using your WiFi signal or better yet…..Get Gigafied with Race Fiber Internet!


General Use Plans Approved

The following communities had their General Plans approved by the Mono County Planning Commission during the June 2017 meeting:

-Swall Meadows – Paradise


-Mono City

-Aspen Springs



– Sunny Slopes

So what does that mean? Residents in the area will now see our Race crews around town stranding fiber in the area, working hard to bring better connectivity to rural communities in Mono County. At this time, you will not be able to place an order, but we are getting closer and closer!




The $27.6-million-dollar grant was awarded after multiple challenges and months of delays.

San Francisco, CA: On Thursday, July 13th, 2017 The California Public Utilities Commission voted four to one yesterday to approve the “Gigafy Phelan” grant, which will cover 60% of the cost of building a brand new fiber to the home network in the Phelan, Pinon Hills and Oak Hills regions. The single no came from commission president Michael Picker. The grant will provide fiber-based gigabit internet to over 7,600 households in a 98 square mile coverage area.

The decision to approve resolution T-17525 and award Race Communications the grant comes after years of planning and months of deliberation. Commissioners admitted that this was a difficult decision for them after a late challenge from Frontier came in April 2017. Frontier claimed it was in the process of upgrading services to 85% of the proposed project area using CAF-II funding, a federal program put in place to upgrade broadband in rural services. Unlike the CASF fund, CAF-II funding is limited to incumbent carriers and expenditure is not limited to construction.

After some research by CPUC staff it was determined that the upgrades proposed by Frontier would not meet the current minimum standard and would only serve 60% of residents at best, leaving many of the residents without adequate broadband. These findings echo what many residents already knew. In attendance at the Commission Voting Hearing were five longtime residents of Phelan who urged the commission to vote “yes” on resolution T-17525. The residents shared similar stories of poor or no connectivity and how the lack of service had negatively impacted their life and their community.

Support was not limited to the residents of the proposed grant area – once Frontier submitted their late challenge, Race Communications received support from elected officials and anchor institutions across the region as well as the state of California. Many of these had been supporters since 2014 when the project first became a reality after CEO, Raul Alcaraz confirmed that Race intended to submit a CASF application for the area.

Alcaraz was pleased with the decision and issued the following statement “After years of hard work from so many different parties we are excited and proud to see a well-deserved project get the approval necessary so we can get started. We have experienced first-hand the value of the CASF program and all that it brings to those who are involved. We look forward to Gigafying Phelan.”

The project is Race Communications’ tenth CASF grant. Phelan will be the second community in San Bernardino to receive service from Race, with Red Mountain (Part of the “Five Mining” project) being the first. In all of its projects, Race offers fiber-based internet plans that start at $25/month with their gigabit service costing just $60/month. Race also offers affordable, fiber-based phone and TV services in all of their project areas.

The CPUC heard the residents of Phelan. Phelan is getting Gigafied!

GIGAFY PHELAN: This morning, July 13, 2017 just past 10:00am, the California Public Utilities Commission passed the Gigafy Phelan Project with a vote of 4-1. Fiber-based gigabit internet is coming to Phelan, Pinon Hills, Oak Hills and parts of Hesperia.

After hearing testimony from community members, the commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of the resolution that would award Race Communications approximately $27.6 million—through a grant provided by the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF). Phelan will be the largest community served by a grant awarded to Race Communications.

The area was deemed a “high priority” area back in 2014, meaning the community currently does not meet the CASF minimum requirement of 6 Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload speeds. The project will serve over 7,600 household within a 98 square mile in an underserved area.

The award of the grant comes after months of delays and challenges from competitors such as Frontier who claim to be upgrading services in the area – something community members are claiming to be falsities. Phelan residents testified that they have not seen any trucks or work being done by Frontier in the area and that there was no way the claims being made by the company could be true. Residents pleaded with commissioners to approve the resolution on behalf of the community.

After some debate, the commissioners ended up approving resolution T-17525 “Gigafy Phelan”.

Race Communications wants to thank everyone who was part of this process and who helped make this possible!

The roll out has begun in Mono County!

Race Communications would like to thank the residents in these communities for their patience during the roll out of our fiber-based services and we look forward to begin providing service late summer – Now who’s ready to place an order?

Who’s ready to experience speeds 1000x times faster than Cable or DSL? Remember our fiber optic Internet uploads and downloads at the same speeds, so you will never see that dreaded buffering icon again!

As of today, residents in Lee Vining and Mono City can place orders for their new and improved Internet service, provided by Race Communications!

In Mono County, the process will be a bit different than in previous Race projects. Once an order is placed with Race, our technicians will perform a “drop” from the pole to the side of your home (this can be done aerially or underground depending on the existing infrastructure of your home).

For Lee Vining, once a drop is completed, final infrastructure needs to be done to tie into our network. This means it will be about 4 weeks from the time of the drop until you can receive a in-home installation.

For Mono City, drops will be done concurrently with construction so while you can place an order today, in-home installations will not take place until construction is complete. We expect in-home installs to begin in the month change of September/October.

We encourage you to place your order today so that you can be one of the first to be installed in the area.

Residents in Crowley Lake and Aspen Springs should have begun to see our Race crews around town stranding fiber in the area. At this time, you aren’t able to place an order, but we are getting closer! Crowley Lake and Aspen Springs will be able to place orders as soon at JULY 17th!

Crowley residents will have a similar process to Lee Vining. A drop will be completed in the coming weeks while we complete the tie in to our network. Once a drop is completed, you will need to wait until the infrastructure is complete – about 6 weeks until in-home installations can begin there.