Phelan, We Need Your Support!

If there are any residents out there who are frustrated with the ongoing internet issues in Phelan, we urge you send your emails of personal stories and concerns about this to CPUC  with the subject line of Resolution T-17525. The only catch, this email has to be in by 9am on Wednesday, June 21st to make sure the Commission can view the comments.

Please send your emails to:

President Picker -
Commissioner Randolph -
Commissioner Guzman Acevez -
Commissioner Peterman -
Commissioner Rechtschaffen -

Phelan – We had such an awesome time getting to know you over the past few days and exploring some of the great things you have to offer. Let’s just say the Pizza Factory was one of our favorites!

You may have heard that Race Communications was in the area and we sure were! We spent several days in your community trying to garner support for our “Gigafy Phelan” project and some of you were even kind enough to let us into your home to show us how you’re currently connecting.

We met some of you at the local Farmers’ Market where we got to hear your firsthand interactions and frustrations with your current Internet situation in the community and learning how it affects your individual households.

We met with some local business owners who expressed their daily challenges about not having adequate Internet to handle vital transactions for the survival of their business.

We also heard about the outages at the local institutions around town, paralyzing everyone in the area.

We even met with community leaders to see how we can together and fix this problem for residents.

Hearing those, countless stories of many Phelan residents using hotspots to “light” their household, but they’re still not providing you with crucial speeds. The average hotspot a has about 5-10Mbps, that’s a fraction of the FCC’s minimum broadband speed of 25Mbps per household. Not mention, we heard the endless stories of how much you are overpaying for this service.

After our short time with you all, we genuinely have a better understanding of how complicated connectivity is in your community and the lengths you are going to get the best service you can. Being on the ground level and learning what obstacles stand in your way, truly gave us an account of how dire and severe things are for YOU.

This is why we have spent the last two years battling  to bring our fiber optic products to the area. This application has been in process for two years and shouldn’t be delayed any further and potential new legislation shouldn’t be a determining factor.

Back in April, things took a turn when Frontier Communications submitted a challenge that would jeopardize Race Communications’ efforts in Phelan. Although their challenge was rejected by the CPUC this did not stop Frontier from trying to submit further comments to persuade the Commission’s vote.

Frontier has told the CPUC that they do in fact provide sufficient and adequate coverage to Phelan, but we all know this is not the case.

The CPUC is going to vote on our proposed project for Phelan this June 29 at 9am. There is still time to have your voice heard about this issue.

Phelan, we seriously thank you for allowing us to come into your community with such excitement and open arms. We look forward to a long-term future with you and our products. We just have to make sure the CPUC makes the decision!

8 thoughts on “Phelan, We Need Your Support!

  1. It use to be Verizon they sucked now it’s frontier and they suck we have had both over the past 30 years and I’m ready for something new


  2. Iv’e had Verizon since dial-up. The change to Frontier has been horrible! Repeated calls for slow speeds(1.99) and buffering and I get zero change! I’m ready for a new company.


  3. I pay $59.99 a month for frontier DSL at a max of 3mps and know of several people in Adelanto, and Victorville that pay $39.99 a month for faster 50mps. The worse part is my internet is an average of 1.5mps when it works. Any kind of weather shuts the internet down for days and sometimes weeks. And all they say is we are working on it and I have heard that for years even from Verizon. The dsl out here is a joke!!


  4. I just cancelled frontier because I was paying for a service that never worked. They came out and changed the router and said it solved the problem….well it didn’t! My kids went nights without being able to do homework and I spent hours on the phone each night with Frontier. I’m not sure how Verizon was able to provide a service but as soon as Frontier took over nothing worked.


  5. We’ve been told our internet is poor due to all the new residents on our line. We’re at the end, apparently. We’ve been here longest, we should have the best speeds & service! Constant buffering while streaming, internet going out, slow as dial up loading speeds are annoying when we pay a lot. We want what we are paying for!


  6. Frontier is absolutely horrible…I filed a complaint with the FCC and Frontier actually lied to the FCC, stating that they “attempted to contact me on several occasions by phone”….this is complete bullcrap…they called once..I answered and a recording said they were attempting to contact me…and to call them back…which I did several times and left messages. This company needs to GO….I wonder how much it costs to repair those little green vault poles with all those wires inside that stick up beside the road……I saw a car drive right over one once.


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