Underground Installs made easy for Tehachapi residents.

Woo Hoo!

We have an exciting new program to announce – If you’re a resident living in: Bear Valley Springs, Golden Hills, Stallion Springs, Oak Knolls, Alpine Forest or Cummings Valley and you have been deemed an underground installation, you may want to pay extra close attention. We put this program together just for you!  

We know how eager everyone is to get their hands on our fiber-based internet, phone and TV services, yet for many being an underground installation presents an added cost and burden.  

What if we told you there’s a way to avoid third-party contractors or having to do the work yourself? After hearing your concerns and challenges, we put together a program to help alleviate the burden many homeowners experience when they are told they are an underground installation.  

Introducing – our new Race Underground Loan Program!

This program is exclusively designed for our underground customers to take advantage of. So now you can leave the digging to Race-certified technicians and not have to worry about finding the right contractor or setting aside weekends to complete the work yourself.   

The premise is simple – Race will do the underground work for homeowners who require an underground drop at a flat rate of $1080 that can be paid over 36 months with NO interest. We offer two price breaks for homeowners who wish to save a little more money.  

  • Bundle your services! Triple Play customers receive a $10/month discount and pay only $20/month for 36 months. This option requires you to subscribe to our Gigafy bundle. If you choose to cancel any one of the services included in the bundle, you will forfeit the discount and your monthly loan amount will be $30/month.  
  • Prefer to pay all at once? Pay a one-time fee of $1,000. When your trench is under 500ft, your cost will be a flat $1,000 fee when you pay upfront.  

Your first payment will not be due until your first monthly bill. Not to mention – this all comes with a one-year warranty!  

So now that the wait is over, what are YOU waiting for?

Give Race a call Monday-Friday (8am-6pm) at 1-877-722-3833 to speak with a member of our sales team to discuss which option is right for you!


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